The most complete mindfulness experience for the classroom
What is MindFul KIDS?

Mindful KIDS is a game and educational tool that develops the most complete mindfulness program for children between 2 and 7 years old, combining real and interactive gameplay experience. In the classroom, it offers valuable resources to enhance the skills that will be required of children in the 21st century. Skills such as Active Play, self-knowledge, and digital literacy are the skills that this game encourages greatly.

  • Active Game
  • Self-knowledge
  • Digital Literacy
Inspired by the latest trends of mindfulness

This game promotes relaxation, attention and self-awareness. In addition, playing it increases students' abilities and promotes cognitive processes by promoting the development of several important intelligences: Active and Corporal Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Linguistic Intelligence.

MindFul KIDS: unlimited benefits

MindFul KIDS integrates relaxation and self-awareness exercises into the game. In this way, students will achieve important goals with the various techniques and exercises proposed:


- They will increase their ability to concentrate.

- They will improve active listening and be more empathetic.

- They will deepen their knowledge of themselves.

- They will achieve greater emotional and psychological balance.

- They will be able to express their emotions more easily.

- They will work on patience and respect.

- It will increase their personal well-being.

What does Mindful Kids include?

The spinning top is the axis of the game. By means of the different discs, children practise breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation, yoga, massages and mandalas. In addition to responding to new educational needs, real and interactive gaming experience is combined with Play Miniland.

fun activities

MindFul KIDS contains 36 fun activities based around 4 major themes: Nature, Animals, Culture, Habits and daily routines.

Mindful KIDS contains a complete guide for the educator
  • Benefits and the most common techniques of mindfulness.
  • Preparation of the space.
  • Advice and tips for teachers and students.
  • And a "step-by-step" instruction guide for all 36 activities.
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